Thursday, August 23, 2012

Making the Big Move!

Well, it has been a somewhat tumultuous month (year?), but I have moved into the joy of making Newport Image my full-time career!   This was not done without significant soul-searching, and great support by my wife and partner, but we are thrilled.

Nothing gives me as much sheer pleasure as capturing people, beauty and emotion and providing it to those who cherish the memories these images bring.  Weddings are the perfect place for such imagery and the coming year is filling with wonderful opportunities to do what I love.

I promise this blog will be up to date!   :v)   In the meantime, here are some favs from Allie and Bobby's recent, beautiful and waaaaaaaaay fun wedding:

Oh, those shoes...

Getting help from Kelsey and Beth
With Dad

Some day...
No caption necessary...

Let the Party Begin!

Mom and Dad...
A little attitude!

Definitely Married in Newport!

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